Our Altar Plates are powerful pieces.  Orgone clears negatively charged energies and holds a clear vibration.  We
create these plates, and all of our devices, in sacred space, in ceremony by burning sage, sending up smoke and
prayers for the energies created to be used for the good of all.  These plates are created with conscious intent  to
be used as a ceremonial piece that will offer a positive energy field to benefit your ceremonies and prayers.  

The Seed of Life and the Flower of Life are the sacred geometries of creation and contribute zero point energy for
the benefit of the ceremonies and prayers.  The spirals and coils create the clockwise torsion field that assist in the
expansion and transcendence of the intentions of the ceremonies and prayers .   These plates will assist in
generating your intentions for ceremony and prayer.

The photos below can be an example of what we can co-create with you.  Use these designs, or create your own.  
The Ceremonial Plates in the photos below are 18 inches in diameter.