December 1, 2018

Introduction to Orgone Energy

1:00 - 3:00 pm

How many times have you asked, "How does orgone work?" "What is it made of?" "How can
I benefit from using it?"

Join Donna Spratt, Owner of The Alchemist Chamber, who will be present to answer all of
your questions in the "Introduction to Orgone 101" workshop.

☆☆☆ This Intro 101 class will be a prerequisite to attend the next one called "Principals of
Intentional Energy".
Follow P2P for dates!☆☆☆

We will be discussing the history of Orgone. Why Orgone is important in our world today.
The lost cubit coils and torsion physics and the many benefits of having Orgone devices in our

This course will be limited to 15 people and it's FREE TO ATTEND. Remember to call
Palms to Palmettos to confirm your registration. Let's RAISE your vibration this weekend.

****We have pyramids, seed of life plates, wands, pendants and more! All will be for sale the
day of the event too.

Please call to confirm your spot.
Palms to Palmettos
3357 Leaphart Rd
West Columbia SC 29169


October 27 - 28, 2018


10:00 am - 6:00 pm each day

Illuminate is a full service 2 day community event with readers, healers, vendors, and
speakers. Admission to the public is $9 each day. All lectures, workshops, raffles and special
events are included in the entry fee. Parking is Free. Conveniently located near Asheville and
Hendersonville, NC and Greenville, SC.

Celebrate our lovely diverse spiritual community and connect with others. This is an
opportunity to let others know who you are and what you have to offer in the way of services,
goods and talents. Use the Expo as a marketing opportunity to create future clients for full
private sessions, classes and workshops.


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"I want you to think of being around a camp fire and watching the red hot coals burning at the base.  
What happens if I take one of the coals out and leave it alone in the dark away from the fire?  
What happens almost instantly to that red hot coal?  It will turn black and lose all of its heat very
quickly.  What happens to that same coal if I pick it up and add it back to the fire? Within seconds it
will begin to glow red hot again.  

We are just like these coals in the camp fire. We need each other to burn as bright as we possibly can.  
Yes, on our own we can feel the heat inside, the passion, the fire.  It takes a lot of effort to keep that
heat, that personal fire, going.  The moment you are around others who believe like you, feel like you
and are passionate like you, you will glow red hot!  People need people.  

We are not a solitary species.  We need each other.  Instead of using our ego and our passion to hate
and kill and judge, we can use it to literally change the world!  When you know who you are, why you
sent yourself here and what your passion is, you start to truly live, you start heating that fire more and
more!  And…you will find people like you.  You will experience that growing your passions together
is like adding wood to a fire."    ~
Little Grandmother Kiesha